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4 Essential Oils for Hair Growth

4 Essential Oils for Hair Growth

4 Essential Oils For Natural Hair Growth and Thickness 

Essential oils provide much more benefit to us than just fresh scents. If you pay attention, you might have noticed a few listed on the back of your favorite hair products, so it’s important to know which oils nourish your hair beyond just smelling good. 

These concentrated plant extracts capture the essence and scent of their sources, becoming what we know as essential oils. So keep reading to discover the true benefits of plants’ essences and a few powerful essential oils that make great defenders on your quest for more hair growth and thickness: 

1. Peppermint Oil

One study that applied four different topicals on groups of mice found that peppermint oil promotes hair growth the best, so how bout them apples?

You can use it for yourself as a pre-shampoo treatment by mixing two drops of peppermint oil with another regular oil of your choice, like castor or olive oil, and leave it on your scalp for 10 minutes. And, of course, you can look out for hair products that already come with peppermint oil! 

2. Safflower Oil

Have you ever seen the bright yellow or orange safflower plant before? 

Well, within this beautiful flower is safflower oil, and research has found that the oil encourages hair growth by stimulating hair growth-promoting genes and suppressing hair loss-related genes. So to make use of this oil’s benefits, opt for hair goals like this one, where safflower oil is the first ingredient!

3. Rosemary Oil 

Need a natural dupe to minoxidil, the over-the-counter hair growth treatment? 

4. Rosehip Oil 

When you think about oils that help your hair growth, you might literally be thinking about oils that stimulate hair growth, but don’t forget about the products that help maintain that growth, like rosehip oil. 

Then try rosemary oil because it works just as well to promote hair growth and thickness—but without the itchy scalp side effects! Again, you can use this oil as a pre-shampoo or co-wash treatment by mixing several drops with olive or coconut oil and then applying it to your scalp for 10 minutes, or you can find a product like this natural shampoo

Rosehip oil has moisturizing properties that are good for the scalp, and it has strengthening agents that can increase the strength of your hair, helping to promote overall growth and retention! 

You can’t go wrong with making rosehip oil a part of your daily moisturizing routine, so check out leave-in conditions that make use of this essential oil like this one

Ready to grow your hair — the natural way? 

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