About Us

About Silent Naturals

The founding of Silent Natural dates back to 2011 when a close friend suggested I join her in “going natural.” Bored with my hair, I never imagined the experience I was going to have. I can honestly say, “The Best Decision EVER!”

However, “going natural” was a real struggle.

Back then, there were only a handful of natural hair care products on the market. I spent a lot of money trying different hair products offered, even newly available ones. But, I found that my own concoction of natural hair products worked better than those in stores.

Most hair tutorials focus on how to style hair but not how to care for natural hair. I found books that talked about ingredients and how to assess my hair. Using this information, I developed a successful haircare regimen.

Natural Hair Made Easy is about sharing my struggles and successful solutions with others so that they don’t have to endure the same frustrations and stress I endured. I want others to benefit from my struggles. My success isn’t solely based on my regimen but on the commitment to succeed and to develop hair care habits that fit my lifestyle.

Silent Natural is dedicated to Making Natural Hair Easy for everyone. We have formulated our products to simplify “Going Natural” or embracing the natural hair lifestyle. From our natural shampoo and natural conditioner to our mousse, SAJ oil and natural leave-in conditioner to our balm butter or beard oil – we have you covered!

Whether you need a full natural hair regimen or a single great product to solve one problem, we are here to help!

Vision Statement

Silent Naturals is a natural hair product company dedicated to simplifying the process of transitioning from chemically-treated hair to embracing your hair’s natural state – curly, straight or wavy. You don’t have to live with dry, dull or damaged hair. Our products will help you succeed with Making Natural Hair Easy.

Purpose Statement

We are committed to supporting everyone in rocking their hair in its most natural state with healthy products that deliver moisture and hydration to improve hair health and produce amazing results. Eliminating toxic and harsh chemicals is good for the earth, your health and, indeed, for your hair’s health.