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How to Find the Best Conditioner for Your Hair.

How to Find the Best Conditioner for Your Hair.

How to Find the Best Conditioner for Your Natural Hair 

If there’s one thing a lot of us naturals have in common, it’s that we tend to hoard a lot of hair products that we’ve tested out on our hair… even the ones that don’t work. 

There’s no judgment here because we get it. Going to the beauty supply store or shopping for natural hair products online can be an overwhelming task, especially when you aren’t sure what to look for in a product. 

And what happens then is that you may end up choosing a product that doesn’t get the job done, and you leave it in your cabinet to collect dust. This means money down the drain and less space on your shelves for products that actually do work. 

So, to save yourself from making the same mistakes over again (and save some money), we’re going to walk you through how to choose the best conditioner for your hair—a product every natural needs. Let’s dive right in with the basics:

Why Conditioners are Important for Natural Hair 

If you’re skipping conditioner application in your hair routine, it’s time to have a talk. 

Conditioners are a must in every natural’s routine because they help replenish your hair with moisture that’s stripped away after a good shampoo. In addition, using conditioners to keep your curls nice and moisturized is crucial for retaining length and a healthy head of hair, so let’s move on to what to look for in a conditioner for natural hair. 

A Guide to Choosing the Best Conditioner for Natural Hair 

Time to take some mental notes. After reading this, you’ll know how to shop for a conditioner like a pro. 

  1. Always read the ingredients label. 

Don’t just rely on attractive packaging and branding. It’s up to you as the consumer to read the ingredients list, so you know what’s going in your hair. Note that ingredients are listed in order of highest concentration to lowest. 

So, with that in mind, you always want to understand the first five ingredients, especially. And don’t be afraid to Google!

  1. Look for water as the first ingredient. 

There’s no better moisturizer than water itself. So if water (aqua) isn’t the first ingredient in a conditioner, it deserves to stay right on that shelf and not in your hair. 

  1. Find a conditioner with protein and natural oils. 

Hair is made up of 90% protein, but there’s one in particular called keratin, which needs more protein to keep our hair strong. Hydrolyzed proteins are excellent for natural hair, in particular, so look out for that ingredient to make sure your hair gets what it needs. 

Finally, you want to look for natural oils. Now, let it be known that oils are not moisturizers, but they are good for helping minimize frizz and sealing all that good moisture in your strands—so we love a quality oil.

Final Thoughts 

What works for your hair may not work for the next person, but this mini-guide is an essential foundation that can help direct you in the process of choosing your next conditioner

So, save this post for later, and take this cheat sheet with you on the go!