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How to Moisturize Your Hair While Wearing a Protective Style

How to Moisturize Your Hair While Wearing a Protective Style

How To Moisturize Your Hair While Wearing Protective Styles

Let’s face it. It doesn’t really matter what time of year it is—it’s braids season or whatever protective style of your choice season all year round. 

Constant washing, detangling, and styling can leave natural hair weak and desperate for a break, and protective styles are one of the best solutions! If you aren’t sure what qualifies as a protective style, any look that keeps your hair tucked away and gives you a break from manipulating it is considered a protective style. 

But while your protective style does its job protecting your hair from harsh weather or styling, you need to be doing yours by caring for your hair underneath the style—and that’s where most of us go wrong. So if you don’t usually moisturize your hair while rocking your braids, mini twists, or whatever hairstyle, it’s time to start so you can reap all the benefits of protective styling! 

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In this post, we’re giving you all the tea on how to keep your hair moisturized while in protective styles, pillowy-soft, and safe from excess breakage! So read on for the 411: 

How do you care for your hair in protective styles? 

Make sure your conditioner, spray bottle, and favorite hair oil are near because taking care of your hair in protective styles starts before you even install your new look! Get the scoop on all our top tips for moisturizing your hair in its protective style below: 

  1. Prep and moisturize your hair before the install day. 

It’ll be much easier to take care of hair ready for its style, so make sure your curls are prepped and moisturized by doing your regular wash day routine, plus a hydrating treatment. That way, your hair already has moisture to work with before you have to add more in later! 

  1. Make your own leave-in conditioner spritz for daily use.

Now that your hair is in its style, that doesn’t mean it’s time to ditch your hair care routine but look forward to a simplified one. All you need to rehydrate your old braids, locs, twists—you name it—is a spray bottle, water, your favorite hair oil, and leave-in conditioner. 

You’re going to mix the water, oil, and leave-in conditioner into a bottle (the measurements are up to you!) and then give your hair a spray with it daily! Don’t forget to clean and swap out the content of the spray bottle every few days because it can be a breeding ground for bacteria, and who wants that in their hair? 

  1. Always wrap your hair or wear a scarf at night. 

Last but not least, you aren’t off the hook from wearing your satin protection at night, sis! Help your protective style do its duty by wrapping your hair at night to protect it from damage and keep all that hydration in!

Moisturizing your hair while in protective styles is simple. 

We hope this post showed you that wearing protective styles is a break, even though it requires very little maintenance to keep your hair moisturized. So head to our shop to grab a leave-in conditioner for your next protective style season, or discover all of our Silent Naturals products here